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Schedule & Results

Pools Pool A Pool B
  Sweden Great Britain
France Denmark
Germany Poland
The Netherlands Switzerland
Games Time Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 - Pool Play Games
G1 10:00-11:30 Sweden vs. The Netherlands
G2 12:15-13:45 Great Britain vs. Switzerland
  14:45-15:15 Opening ceremony
G3 16:00-17:30 Denmark vs. Poland
G4 18:15-19:45 France vs. Germany
Games Time Thursday, August 8th, 2019 - Pool Play Games
G5 10:00-11:30 Great Britain vs. Poland
G6 12:15-13:45 France vs. The Netherlands
G7 15:30-17:00 Switzerland vs. Denmark
G8 17:45-19:15 Sweden vs. Germany
Games Time Friday, August 9th, 2019 - Pool Play Games
G9 10:00-11:30 Poland vs. Switzerland
G10 12:15-13:45 Germany vs. The Netherlands
G11 15:30-17:00 Sweden vs. France
G12 17:45-19:15 Great Britain vs. Denmark
Games Time Saturday, August 10th, 2019 - Semi Final Games
G13 10:00-11:30 3rd Pool A vs. 4th Pool B
G14 12:15-13:45 3rd Pool B vs. 4th Pool A
G15 15:30-17:00 1st Pool A vs. 2nd Pool B
G16 17:45-19:15 1st Pool B vs. 2nd Pool A
Games Time Sunday, August 11th, 2019 - Final Placing Games
7/8th 9:00-10:30 Loser G13 vs. Loser G14
5/6th 11:15-12:45 Winner G13 vs. Winner G14
Bronze 13:30-15:00 Loser G15 vs. Loser G16
Gold 15:45-17:15 Winner G15 vs. Winner G16
  17:30-18:00 Awards Ceremony