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All media is invited to attend the 2019 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby European Championship in Vejle, Denmark. The communications team is committed to helping journalists find interesting stories and angles to report on, and to facilitate interview requests and media inquiries. During the European Championship we will provide the media with photos, videos, results and a wealth of statistics.

All media persons and bloggers must be accredited at the IWRF 2019 European Championship in order to benefit from the press facilities and services. Accreditation is possible upon first arrival at DGI Huset, Vejle, but pre accreditation is highly recommended to save time and in order for the organizers to anticipate the demand for services and plan accordingly.

To be accredited in advance, please send an e-mail containing your name, job description, media and a passport quality photo to Media Officer Jannik Lund Andersen at jla@parasport.dk

All accredited persons will receive an accreditation card upon their first entry at DGI Huset, Vejle. The card must be used to access the press facilities and to make use of the special services at the arena.